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CoonDogs.org Coon Hunting and Coon Dog How-To Article Contest
Published Jan 27, 2009

To help celebrate the launch of CoonDogs.org, we are giving away $200.00 to one lucky person.  All you have to do to enter is submit a "How To" article be added to the CoonDogs.org website that is not already listed on the CoonDogs.org website.  Each submission is one entry in our contest.  The winner will be randomly selected.

The How-To articles must be written by yourself and by submitting the article you are giving us permission to add the article to the CoonDogs.org website without any promise of compensation.  Submitted articles will stay on the CoonDogs.org site after the contest has ended.  Each How-To Article you submit is one entry in our contest and if we find that the Article was plagiarized (someone elses work that you just copied) all your entries will be thrown out and you will not be able to participate in our contest.

Articles can be of anything Coon Hunting or Coon Dog related that others may find useful.  Your First Name and First Letter of your last name will be added to the bottom of the article along with your email address should you wish that to be added.  You must tell us if you want your email address listed on the page containing your article.  You may submit as many articles as you wish.  Each submitted article that is used on the CoonDogs.org website is one entry in the contest.

Articles must be informative and be at least 3 paragraphs (at least an opening, body and closing).  Articles must be submitted via email to coondogs.org@gmail.com

We reserve the right to modify, or deny any submissions which we may feel are not in the best interest of our visitors.  Please review the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms of Use if you have any questions about what may or may not be submitted.

Payment will be in the form of a U.S. Postal Money order and the winner must have a U.S. Mailing Address.  Once the winner is selected, we will attempt to contact them via the email address they used to submit the article. If they do not resposne within 7 days of the email being sent, they wil forfeit their winnings and we will randomly choose another winner.

The contest will run from the start of CoonDogs.org (January 2009) until 50 "How To" articles have been submitted and published to the CoonDogs.org site.  The dates, eligiblity requirements and rules of this contest may be changed at any time without warning.  We reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time if we determine that the requirement to receive 50 articles is not being met in a reasonable time frame.  We encourage you to check this page often for the most up to date information.

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