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Wyoming Mountain Curs
Published Jan 27, 2009

My experience with hunting dogs dates back as far as I can remember. It was quality time spent with my father and now it has become somewhat of a family affair. My father ran Walker Hounds for eight years and grew tired of their hard headed independent nature. He sold the Hounds that we had and started doing some extensive research.  It was on the internet he found out about Mountain Curs, a feat in itself for a man who wasn’t sure how to turn on a computer. He began talking to Carl Smith and Robert Kemmer.. Dad ordered our first two Cur dogs that same year. From that point on our whole family fell in love with the breed. Out of their first litter my husband and I took Caleb Jakes firstborn, Hank. We were very happy with Hank so my husband sold his beagle and we took in another Cur, Black Jayde. Since then we have been successful in hunts for Coon, Bobcat, and Mountain Lion. We’ve been told that they will run boar, and we have been squirrel hunting with a fellow breeder. As far as we know their versatility is limitless. They are silent trackers, which we consider an asset as they tree their prey faster when they are unheard.  Their persistence is also an admirable trait though it does not interfere with their consistency to listen to their master. You can call them off of trash, making for a very trainable dog. 

Aside from hunting, they are absolute in loyalty. They have a will to please that we have been yet to find in any other kind of hunting dog. We take them on any outdoor excursion we go on. Trapping, fishing, camping they are just fun to have around. They are outstanding guard dogs; I never have to worry about any sort of intrusion without proper notification.

We take pride in breeding from only some of the greatest cur lines.

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