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The AKC Supreme Breeders Club is here!
Published Aug 19, 2008

You asked for it. It’s here! Enroll your hounds in the AKC Supreme Breeders Club and receive cash awards for AKC Nite Hunt titles. 

We are proud to introduce the AKC Supreme Breeders Club, a program designed to preserve and promote the working heritage of coonhounds by encouraging breeders to produce quality coonhound litters and puppies. 

The owner of an enrolled Supreme Pup receives cash awards for every AKC Nite Hunt title the pup earns. The breeder receives an award equal to 20% of the Supreme Pup’s award. Sire enrollment is optional, and an eligible Supreme Sire receives awards equal to 10% of the awards received by his Supreme Pups. 

For example, if the Annual Title Award for a competition year is calculated to be $300, then the pup owner will receive $300, the breeder will receive $60, and the sire owner (if the sire was enrolled for the year that the pup was born) will receive $30. Each pup can receive awards for three titles in its lifetime. 

To be eligible for enrollment, the sire, dam and litter must be AKC registered or FSS recorded. We’re making that easy by offering special Flat Kennel Fees to register your breeding stock. 

Here is what you need to get started:(Please click on each image to download) PLEASE EMAIL:SBC@AKC.ORG TO REQUEST THESE FORMS. WE CAN SEND THEM DIRECTLY TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

- Letter from Seve Fielder 

- The Supreme Breeders Club Program Info Flyer 

- Litter & Pup Enrollment Form 

- Sire Enrollment Form 

- Rules and Frequently Asked Questions 

DON'T FORGET !!! - If you need to register 5 or more adult dogs use this form to get special discounts on your registration fees! Call us and ask for the - Flat Kennel Fee Form or download it from here: http://www.akccoonhounds.org/forms.asp 

Do you have litters on the ground and young dogs in training? For a limited time, you can enroll your 2007 and 2008 litters and pups. 

Enroll your dogs now and win awards for AKC Nite Hunt titles earned in 2009 and beyond! 

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